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You place so much value on your own life, and your family should be treated just the same. One way to show how much value you put on your loved ones is to get family funeral insurance. There are many options available for you to choose cheap funeral cover for extended family members, all of which are provided by WithGrace.

Funeral cover is the easiest and surest way to make sure that you and your family are protected from death. Death is invertible, but no one can be certain when it will occur, and as such may come at a time when you or your family cannot possible cope with the finances of a burial. But having money for the funeral alone will only help in the short term. The long run effects of losing your life can put a he financial strain on your family if you where the breadwinner. This is why many funeral policies today offer cover beyond just for burial costs.

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Get funeral cover that's affordable, but extends cover to help with the education of your children or paying out some of the debt you may leave behind.

Owing to better financial education and the need to consolidate policies under one company, family funeral plans have become the most popular way to cover yourself, your family and extended family without having different policies. This not only saves you time, but also makes it easier for you to understand and manage your policy.

How to find the cheapest funeral cover in South Africa

Extended family funeral cover will definitely include your spouse, and depending on the policy children can be covered on the same plan as well. However, for a small additional fee, your parents and parents-in-law for example can be covered under your own policy. And usually, you (as the policyholder) and beneficiaries can enjoy the same benefits afforded to you by your funeral insurance provider.

This typically includes a burial payout for R10,000 to an average R100,000 for the policyholder, but smaller or equal amounts for the extended family who are beneficiaries under the policy. These amounts are also usually broken down to go towards various costs like a tombstone, and travel costs where the person who has died needs to be buried somewhere other than his or her former immediate residence. This is very common among South Africans who hail from the rural areas but have found work and lived in the cities for many years.

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